Trip to Japan-Part 2

Now I would like to share how Japanese people welcome a new year in terms of food.

They enjoy the new year dish called おせち(osechi) year dish prepared so that housewives can enjoy some time off from cooking during the first couple of days of a new year.

When I was in Japan with my parents, I remember I used to start making osechi a couple days before a New Year.  But well, I also remember complaining, “usual dishes are easier!!!”

This year, as it is way too much for my old parents to make it from scratch, they had ordered a set of osechi.



Well, as you see, it is time-consuming..but it is a”must thing.” We just bought fresh sashimi at a department store to slice them, which is the only thing we had to do on 1/1.


Each little dish has its own meaning.. like the one at the left down corner is called “kinton,” made wishing for good luck in terms of $$$ (the color of the dish relates to “gold”). img_0128

The one at the upper right side corner is called “kuro mame.” In Japanese, mame also means “health, perseverance.” So they relate this dish to “healthy enough to work with perseverance.” Stuff like that..

And what we do is just “drink, drink, and drink!”


The red one on the left is called Shochu. Shochu is distilled alcohole from rice, barley, sweet potato or buckwheat.  Each one of them has some distinct flavor, but we, myself and my hubby, like the one made of barely—more neutral, clear taste.

The white on on the right is..sake  🙂  Yeah, this sake is not that famous in Japan, but we, our family, just have enjoyed this for over 20 years..very dry and so smooth.  My husband just loved this so much..and we finished a whole bottle in 3 days 🙂



We were fortunate to enjoy a milder, nice weather in Tokyo/Yokohama.  A country that has a lot to offer besides Sushi  🙂


Thank you for visiting my blog.  I would like to talk about Japanese foods that we can recreate in the US in my next blog post. See you soon!




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