Temari-Sushi (手まり寿司)

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Are you craving for Sushi? But have to run to a grocery store to order Sushi to go, since you don’t have “skills,” “tools” or “sashimi grade fish?”

Don’t worry, what you need for this sushi recipe is smoked salmon, rice, plastic wrap and your love for sushi!

Here is the recipe for 8 small sushi balls. (How small? About the size of a golf ball –one bite size)


Sushi Rice: rice-1 cup, 2/3 cup of water,  kelp (konbu) about 4 inches long. Also, have the following ready so that you can finish up your sushi rice:  1.5 pinch of sugar, a pinch of salt and 50ml rice vinegar. (you can adjust the amount of these accordingly later)

Smoked salmon–4 slices. You slice each into 2 so that you have enough for 8 balls.

Let’s make rice. Rice is actually the key to yum yum Sushi. First let’s wash your rice–put your rice in your rice cooker, adding water, and wash, then discard water. Repeat this until the water becomes semi-transparent. (it doesn’t have to be completely clear)

Put your rice, konbu and water in the rice cooker、and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. And cook. When done, don’t touch it so soon! Let it rest in the rice cooker for again about 20 minutes.

Have your bowl, preferably a Japanese wood bowl called “Handai,”ready. Of course you can use your regular kitchen bowls, but this Handai absorbs excess moisture of the rice, preventing rice from becoming too mushy. Make your sushi rice mixture in a mug–rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Transfer your rice to your bowl, add your rice mixture little by little, and mix the rice with a rice spatula(called Shamoji). When mixing your rice, try not to mash your rice.  Also it is a good idea to cool off the rice with a fan (you don’t want to put your raw ingredients on hot rice), while making your sushi rice. Don’t forget to taste the rice. Adjust the mixture ingredients (in the mug) accordingly.

Now let’s make balls.  Have plastic wrap on your hand, on which you put your rice (again, golf ball size). Squeeze the wrap–not too strong, but strong enough so that the rice won’t fall apart.  Then add smoked salmon, and squeeze the rice and salmon again in the same way.

And ta-da!


Don’t forget wasabi.. and bon appetite…meshi-aga-re!

This sushi requires no specific technique, but one thing you want to keep in your mind…when you make balls, don’t squeeze the rice too hard.  You don’t want mushy rice! Also, if you don’t have a Handai, it may be a good idea to get one.  If you like Japanese food, you will use this more often than you think. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, fancy one. Mine is about $35, and you can find ones on the web (like Amazon).

Thank you for checking my blog!  I will see you again on my next blog!

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