Sushi Night at home:手巻き寿司

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You were lucky enough to find fresh sushi grade seafood? Why don’t you make your own sushi at home? The sushi I would like to share with you today is “手巻き寿司(temaki sushi),” meaning hand-roll sushi. This can be your next party main dish, as all you have to do is to slice fish and cook rice.  Your guests hand-roll their own sushi at the table.

Let’s begin!

Ingredients: For sushi rice– rice (2 cups –enough for 3-4 people), rice vinegar (50 ml) , sugar (1.5 pinch) and salt (pinch). Unlike Temari-sushi, you don’t need kelp for this rice.  Try to cook rice with a bit less water than usual–Remember, you add sushi mixture later, and you don’t want soggy rice.

Seafood–If you find sliced sashimi, how lucky you are!  Otherwise, you can slice fish yourself. Pick any kind of seafood you like, tuna, yellow tail, horse mackerel, red snapper, etc.  Be sure to use a sharp knife, as you slice fish slowly but at once (never ever move your knife back and forth, as this will ruin the texture of the fish).


Nori–you will cut nori into quarters. But as Nori becomes stale very quickly, you would like to do this right before you eat.img_0198

Also, it would be nice if you could get Shiso (Japanese basil). This herb is a staple–very refreshing and adds good color to your dish. Additionally, it works as a good “partition” among seafood. Cut off the stem part.img_0185

Wasabi is a must.  Of course, the one in tube is totally ok, but we were fortunate to find fresh wasabi (left) this time.  You may also want chopped green onion and ground ginger-these two will go well with fish like horse mackerel and bonito.

Now let’s make rice.  The same rule we use for Temari sushi applies here, too–before you cook your rice, let it rest in the water for about 20 minutes..and when done, again, don’t touch it so soon–let it rest again about 20- 30 minutes.  In the meantime, prepare your rice mixture (salt, rice vinegar and sugar) in a cup. Then transfer your rice into Handai (Japanese wood bowl where you make rice). Gently and slowly, little by little, you add the mixture to the rice.  You mix the rice with a spatula (don’t mash your rice). Taste your rice, and add/adjust the mixture as necessary.  While mixing the rice, you want to cool off the rice with a fan.img_0081

When rice is ready, now time to eat! Just put your rice (and Shiso) on the nori, add your favorite seafood and your favorite condiments (wasabi, ginger or chopped green onion) and roll…no rule here, just enjoy as you like.

Thank you very much for checking my blog.  See you soon!

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    1. Hi Sheryl, thank YOU for joining me 🙂 Looking forward to your blog!


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